Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Design Challenge?

Mobile web design is arguably one of the biggest design challenges facing web designers, graphic designers, and marketing specialists. Unlike traditional web design, mobile web design must work on multiple platforms and browsers without losing its speed or visual appeal. Whether your customer base accesses your website using an iPhone, Android, or one of the dozen other prominent mobile devices, your website has to communicate your essential sales and conversion goals effectively without wasting time adapting to a new format.

How WebStream Meets the Mobile Web Challenge

WebStream's team of creative service specialists understand how best to integrate the significant technical design challenges of mobile website design with targeted, highly effective web marketing strategies. We do this in several ways:

  • Using HTML5 to create greater cross-platform flexibility.
  • Importing and vetting keywords, navigational structure, layout and image choice for different browsers and devices.
  • Thoroughly testing our design on different mobile devices and browsers before launch to identify any translation issues
Mobile Web: An Effective Marketing Tool

While many people still have desktop computers, the number of people purchasing mobile devices has skyrocketed in recent years. There’s no sign that this trend will slow down anytime soon.

This is huge news for businesses around the globe. If the majority of your visitors are going to access your website using a mobile device, you need to be ready. Luckily, you can use WebStream's significant design and marketing expertise to take advantage of the technology and reach optimal customers by targeting them more specifically.

Here are some of the techniques WebStream uses to increase your website’s visibility and accessibility on the go:

  • QR Codes

    Short for quick response, these printed codes can be scanned by smart phone users and instantly display a host of useful information, including URL’s, coupons, or business-specific promotions which can drive up traffic and customer participation on your website. By integrating QR Codes with other printed marketing materials, Ocular can create a campaign that ties together both your online and offline marketing efforts.

  • Mobile Style sheets

    WebStream builds detection software through the use of server and client side scripting that automatically detects what kind of device is being used to access your website. This means that no matter where they’re coming from, visitors to your website will see what you want them to see.

    WebStream's talented team of programmers makes this process effortless and instantaneous, which means that you don’t ever have to worry about losing visitors because of long load times or weird formats.

    Special Consideration for iPhone / iPad Because iPhones make up a significant chunk of the market, WebStream's designers take pains to make sure that your website will look great even if it uses programming, such as Flash, that does not play well on the Apple products.

The WebStream Mobile Web Guarantee

You can count on us not only to make your website look great, but also to deliver high conversion rates and impressive traffic volume.

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